Monthly Archive: June 2013


Episode 2: Super Mario World

(apologies for the mouse clicking early in the episode  I had the wrong mic selected and Skype was not muting when I thought it was -Kevin). This week we revisit Super Mario World for the Super...


Next Episode: Super Mario World

This weekend we will be covering Super Mario World. Arguably the best Mario game ever and it is still amazing that it was a launch title for the Super Famicom and Super Nintendo.


Episode 1: DuckTales (NES)

This week we revisit DuckTales for the NES. From the fantastic music to the pogo stick attack, DuckTales holds a special place in our heart that makes us want to belt out, “oooOOO-Hooo” every...


Episode 0: The Legend of Zelda

This week we discuss The Legend of Zelda. We begin with out earliest memories with the game, how we remember it in regards to life events, the experience of returning to the game 26 years later,...