BimP Gaiden: Early Sega and Sonic with Greg Sewart


Greg Sewart joins Kevin live on Google Hangout to talk early years of the Sega Genesis and Masterdrive. We also discuss the importance of Sonic, the Sega CD, Sega Magazines, and more!

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2 Responses

  1. Renato says:

    F)#(@ Yeah man, Greg-the-Man-Sewart!
    Keep it up Kevin, BIMP is turning out to be one of the best podcast i´ve ever listened, amazing evolution in every aspect man, congrats!

  2. Sean C. says:

    That was a great podcast. Was a very level headed and informed history of the early 16 bit era and Sonic. Although I disagree Sega never stood a chance without Sonic. Sure it helped sell a lot of systems. But they were already doing pretty well and they had a strong edge with sports games. At least for me anyway, being in high school at the time, a lot of people I knew switched from Nintendo to Sega due to EA’s sports games on the Genesis. They definetly had the edge with great titles like Madden , NHL, and the Vs. NBA games. I loved Sonic of course and thought they were top tier platformers, but they probably helped sell more to the younger crowd than the older one. (Which obviously is important.) also I probrably thought the pre Sonic lineup was stronger than most but that’s probrably just nostalgia. As far as STI games, I think for me, I didn’t care for most of their output outside of Sonic, which was basically done by Sonic team in America. Comix Zone was probrably the best of their original games. The rest were not so great.

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