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  1. Sean697 says:

    I was a little older when I saw this at the thearter. High School probrably. And this is probrably one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. Ok not the worst. But one if the worst I paid for at the theatre. I just got the impression they had no idea about games at all. So the games stuff was pretty lame. And the story was pretty mediocre. I know as a movie that prominently features games it’s part of gaming history, but I can’t stand it. It might be worse than Super Mario Bros. I wonder if seeing it when you were younger, it had a greater nostalgic value. I know there was stuff I liked before 10 that is pretty horrible as an adult.

  2. Sean697 says:

    Also I should add to be honest, as a Sega kid, and having my Genesis at the time, I felt this movie was kind of Nintendo propaganda as well.

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