Episode 102: Technically Impressive w/ John Linneman

John Linneman of Digital Foundry (and producer of the DF Retro series) joins Kevin to talk about some of the most technically impressive retro games, developer tricks to squeeze every last drop of power from consoles of the past, new retro hardware, the original XBOX and more!

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1 Response

  1. Yovan says:

    The switch has been out for a month and already has a better game (Zelda) than anything the PS4 and One had in its first year by far and you want to sell it! Gesh.

    Good old back at my play. Start by dumping on Nintendo and talk saturn and dreamcast for long periods.

    I feel like a Lakers fan listening to a Bill Simmons podcast. Lol.

    Still the podcast is always high quality and great guest. Just like Bill Simmons I keep listening every week. Good work.

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