Episode 2: Super Mario World


(apologies for the mouse clicking early in the episode  I had the wrong mic selected and Skype was not muting when I thought it was -Kevin). This week we revisit Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The episodes begins with out memories of the SNES’s launch, a prerelease experience at the Nintendo Mall Tour, our first experience with the game, and of course what it was like to revisit it. We finish with some discussion on New Super Luigi U, how our gaming tastes have changed, and some retro recommendations.

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  1. Sean C. says:

    Great episode. While I was a Genesis kid, I swapped consoles with my friend for a month so I could play this game and a few others. I beat this game with all 96 exits. (Really I didnt know that there where people who didnt?) One of my facovorite Mario games.

    Now here is where my opinion gets kind of controversial. I am one of the people who really like New Super Mario Bros Wii. To me this might as well have been Super Mario World 2. I mean it does everything better than World. It has a great overworld. Great levels. More powerups. Better bosses. Lots of hidden exits and expanded gameplay mechanics. I think it is better in almost every way. Well except for the music probrably. The problem is that games evolved alot in the almost 20 years between these games. Where Mario primarily has gone 3D. But as a thought exersice, if you could play this game within a year or two of Super Mario World would you not have been amazed and thought it was a better game? I even feel more strongly about New Super Mario Bros U. Again this might as as well be Super Mario World 3. At least the Wii U game added HD graphics and more mechanics to advance the gameplay than the Wii Version. But I really think the console games on the Wii and Wii U respectively are a great evolution of gameplay and level design from the SNES game. Even if there have been 20 years of game desing and ideas to basically make these games seem simplistic. But if both of these games had been released in the mid 90’s I would undboutedly call them better than Super Mario World. But I realize some peoples strong attachment to the original game and the nostalgia it brings, even for me. But sometimes I wonder if it mask the enjoyment of those two really great Mario games.

    But I feel the protable games are really average. New Super Mario Bros 1 and 2 I really dont care for as much. But since they started the “New” naming convention it lumps the great console games into the average portable ones.

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