Episode 41: Shin Shinobi Den/Shinobi Legions


Greg Sewart and Peter Brown join Kevin to discuss the crazy 2d action platformer Shin Shinobi Den (or Shinobi Legions in the US) on the Sega Saturn. We also discuss some current retro topics, holiday gaming memories, and more.

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2 Responses

  1. sean697 says:

    I never could get into this game. It is easily my least favorite Shinobi game. But what a great podcast. I never would have dreamed someone would do a show on this game and it came out quite well. Even if the game is not the greatest. My biggest problem is the difficulty really ramps up, the controls are not quite as solid as the other Shinobi titles, even though they add a lot of new moves, and the digitized sprites.

    I think with the Saturn you saw Sega of America realize some of the Japanese games were not as high quality and they passed on them, leaving third parties to release Shinobi and Virtua Racing (The worst version of the game. The 32X version is the one to play, that game is amazing.)

    Great podcast and some great stories of Christmas gaming past.

  2. sean697 says:

    Oh yea among the fighting game community, SFA3 on the Saturn is considered the best version. It is more accurate on the Saturn than the Dreamcast and is actually smoother with the RAM cart. It’s considered THE version of the game to get.

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