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  1. Sean C. says:

    It’s kind of funny. When I got SOR 3. I had already played through the first games a lot. So I never really thought it was that hard. I think it was way off the deep end though. The plot and themes just went insane. It like they threw every crazy idea into this game. Fighting a Kangaroo in a boxing ring!!! And then you could unlock the Kangaroo. A cybernetic old man to play as? Plus the music on this one just went to the really wierd side. But I still loved it. I know it’s considered hard, but I just don’t remember having that hard of a time beating it. It wasn’t until way later that I heard people complain about the difficulty. I guess for me I always wanted to play Bare Knuckle version for the censorship in SOR. I never even knew it was easier.

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