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  1. Chris says:

    Glad to see you guys back!

  2. Sean697 says:

    Great return to form. I always wanted an episode on Flash carts. If you can get over the moral hurdle, they are the best way to experience retro games on original hardware. I mean are you really taking away money from anyone on 25 year old hardware? And it’s just so convienent to have all your games plugged in all the time and play them, like on 3DS , but with a Sega Genesis, or SNES. And it it is the best way to play NTSC versions of Wily Wars. (although you need a ROM hack to change the save system.) Other games Id like to play are the recently translated Rent-A-Hero. And it can’t be said enough , real hardware on a TV with real controllers is my preffered experience. My Sega CDX with a Mega Everdrive through an XRGB mini Framemeister with RGB cables really can’t be beat. Almost every System pre 32-bit has a flash cart. The one Id like to get is the Game Boy Everdrive. They have Atari 2600 flash carts even. The ones that are harmful are when they have one on a currently sold system.mlike the R4 and variant flashcarts for the DS that came out devasted software sales on the DS. It’s not cool when you can illegally download every new software release on day of release for free and play it. Both GBA and DS had that problem before the 3DS started to combat it with upgradable firmware to lock them out.

    It would be really cool if company’s came out with their own versions of these. But due to liscensing restrictions it would never happen. I’m sure Nintendo would be happy to sell you a 200.00 cart with every NES game on it. Thy would Probrably make more money than they do on VC. I guess the closest thing is those AT consoles preloaded with software. Except they are really just boxed emulators and not worth the money.

    Anyway great episode, looking forward to future ones.

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