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  1. Sean697 says:

    Great episode. That is some real love owning 3 different arcade machines. The course select thing is a product of the arcade board have ing an old and a new version. The U.S. only got the new version. The course layouts are different on each board. So in M2 fashion they are basically allowing you to choose which arcade board course layout to choose.

    Also the reason they are selling Outrun on the 3 DS is they are not using the Ferrari. They had to change the car for the 3DS port. But they have 3 different cars to make up for it now.

    I really liked the SMS was my favorite 8-bit racer. Sure it couldn’t compare to the arcade but it played great. And the music was decent. Isn’t that all that really matters? The Japan version had an FM sountrack with the FM module.

    I watched Greg playing the Genesis version last month on twitch. I never thought that version was that good from reading about. But I was kind of I pressed with it watching him play it. Not arcade quality but pretty good.

  2. Mark Jones says:

    Thanks for the excellent episode gentlemen. Really enjoyed it.

    Even though games like Powerdrift and Afterburner make use of a slightly enhanced version of the Super Scaler technology and look very impressive (when I first saw ROTATING sprites, I almost fainted!), Outrun, as a package, is something quite special.

    Now, time to get back to the 3DS version ….

  3. cddb says:

    nice 8-bit persona 4 boss music at the end!

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