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  1. Yovan says:

    This is one of my favorite Zelda games. The puzzles, story and difficulty are perfect. If me as a 10 year old could pass it without getting frustrated then I don’t believe is too hard honestly.

    The music is legend and the game didn’t mind experimenting. It really is a top Zelda game guys.

  2. Yovan says:

    I’ve passed this game about 15 times. That room with the 3 enemies the sound of the compass tells you that something needs to be done.

    I think part of the frustration is that you guys have less time now than before so you get impatient.

    You get lost way more in old school rpgs

  3. Yovan says:

    Sorry I’m posting as I listen.

    Rose color glasses my ass. You can say that about any retro game then.

    This game is not secretly one of the best Zelda game it IS one of the best Zelda games.

    The music is amazing. The story for its time was tragic. The graphics unparalleled for game boy at the time. The puzzles and temples still some of the best designed in the series.

    Also how many things did ocarina of time take from this game? The game is just brilliant design. Huge world but blocked off them opens up little by little as you progress. The trading quest isn’t much different from the ocarina one to get the big sword.

    This game was meant to be explored. Every inch of the world. Memorized. It was a dream to play other than the menu thing. People say the original Zelda still holds up (which it does) and that game is way way way more criptic than this game. Heck even link to the past gave you less hints at times. The world here blocks you off much more than the Snes game due to the size of the world and memory constraints but does nudge you in the right directions but also asks the player to explore and take their time.

    Maybe they should have added dousing. Lol.

  4. Andy says:

    I cannot believe no one mentioned the Zelda ‘Pause-Travel-Trick’!?!? You can travel beyond screens (at your own risk) by pausing the game at the exact instant that you pass from one screen to another… Link simply skips over a screen and enters into the screen beyond.

    I have had no luck with this trick using emulators, but on my actual gameboy I did this all the time. CAUTION!!! If you skip a screen and enter in on a screen on a wall, you may be forced to re-start the game, as you will simply ‘exist’ in a wall… unable to move or reach out and touch any thing.

    I’ve found myself in boss battles, in whole different dungeons, in blank screens, and mostly, across un-passable areas due to the fact that I didn’t have the right equipment or items to pass over.

    I’m sure this was some sort of exploitable bug in the software, but it was a blast to add a whole new ‘surprise’ element to playing this game all of those countless times that I could not seem to figure out where to go next.

  5. Yovan Basurto says:

    Kevin. Love your podcast. You make the work day fly. The quality of work you do is top notch. Kept it up.

    With that said….

    Links Awakening in the top 5 Zelda games. Yeah. I went there. : )

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