Let’s Fund a Gimmick! Episode


UPDATE 5/11/2015 @ 11am EST: Currently at $145 to fund the episode! Thank you so much to all that have chipped in! Almost there! Let’s make this happen!

Warning, the following is a post asking for donations to buy a game to cover for the show…

It is no secret I love video game music, it is probably my favorite part of these old combinations or rom chips and solder. I have even started buying CD soundtracks of all these great old games off Amazon Japan to make sure I have the best possible versions of the OSTs in my collection and for the show.

When it comes to the best music on the Famicom/NES, “Gimmick!” is a game that frequently comes up. A late release (1992) from Sunsoft, “Gimmick!” features a custom sound chip to achieve it’s amazing music, the FME7/SUNSOFT5 chip (thanks HG 101!).

Just listen to these tracks!

While in Tokyo a few weeks ago I even purchased a CD compilation that features the Gimmick! soundtrack on it!


I want to cover this game on the show, the problem is that it costs about $250-300 for a loose Famicom cart of the game (there was also a European release without the custom chip hurting the sound quality/soundtrack). Also you know how I am with emulation, I would much rather play this on the real hardware to mimic the experience from 1992 as much as possible.

To make this possible I want to try something out, getting the game’s costs funded by the Back in my Play audience if they think it would be a great game to be covered on the show. I am looking to get $250 in donations through the Back in my Play PayPal tab and I will cover the rest of the costs.

Honestly I don’t know if this will work, but this is pretty much the only way I can pick up the game to play it and talk about it on the show. And if we get past that goal, I will spill that over into the next expensive game we want to do on the show (Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa) and general funding of games for the show.

If you contribute $25 or more you will get a shout out in the episode for helping make it possible. I know, nothing crazy, I am not a marketer.

If you want to help make this happen click on that PayPal tap on the right (or below) hand side and make a note that the contribution was for “Gimmick!” Also mention if it is OK I give you a shoutout if we can hit the goal and make it happen!


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  1. Shawn Maddy says:

    Eric Bishop from “Bishop Bros” does a full audio NTSC reproduction. There is a small mod required on the original “toaster” style NES to make it work, but his work is fantastic, and the whole thing will cost significantly less than the famicom cart. If you are at all curious, feel free to hit me up. I can put you in contact with him.


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