Episode 19: Bonk’s Adventure


Steve Lin, super collector and game preservationist joins us to revisit Bonk’s Adventure. We discuss the cool history of Bonk and our memories of the mascot that went head to head with Sonic and Mario. And we of course replay Bonk with fresh impressions to see how it has help up. We wrap up with some bonus retro collecting discussion with Steve.

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2 Responses

  1. Renato Borba says:

    Hello guys,

    Loving the show even more at every episode, would like to know if you guys plan on acepting any kind of game choice by us, the listeners in the future?

    And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE gimme some House of the Dead love????

    Cheers from Brazil

  2. RetroPug4 says:

    I have been really enjoying the show and have been looking forward to each weeks new podcast. I do have a request, would it be possible to upload your podcast to Stitcher for Android users? Its a free podcasting app that has some other good gaming podcasts like RetroRejects. As an Android user I’ve had to download the mp3 to listen, which isn’t a big deal, but with Stitcher it will automatically download the next podcast much like iTunes does on iPhone.

    Keep up the great work guys, really enjoy all your podcasts and videos!

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