Episode 20: Neo Geo Pocket Color


Mike Mika joins us to remember and revisit the Neo Geo Pocket Color. The NGPC was an amazing piece of hardware with a very high quality library. We also discuss what Mike is excited about as GDC approaches and an exclusive platform announcement about IDARB.

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9 Responses

  1. Space Rex says:

    Mike Mika should be a permanent installment. He brings a rare perspective to these conversations, that I haven’t encountered on many podcasts. His stories and experiences with game development are pretty mind blowing. Thank you for another amazing episode guys!!

  2. Space Rex says:

    Also, (sorry for multiple posts) could you list the music that you play during the episode. What games are they from and what songs? Really spectacular music choices, that I would like to look up, and listen to more of. Thanks.

  3. Renato says:

    Oh man, Mike Mika is so awesome, BIMP keeps scoring on those guest choices, amazing to see how the show is becoming better episode by episode, keep it up guys!!!!

  4. Yudoken says:

    As a non-Apple user (I’m listening over Beyondpod on my Android smartphone) I don’t have an iTunes account to give you an rating but I still wanted to give you guys a virtual high five for this awesome podcast. Not everyone is an apple user and I just wanted to remind you of this fact ;). Keep up the good cast! Greetings from Germany

  5. There will be more Mike Mika going forward. He is a busy man, but I will keep harassing him.

  6. Zac Laman says:

    Love this episode! Been thinking of getting into NEO GEO pocket collecting. This pushed me over the edge! Thanks again!

  7. Gerry says:

    Great show again!! Thanks for doing it!

    Also not an Apple user at all. So virtual High5!!!!

    Hi from Ireland 🙂

  8. Graeme says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Great podcast and totally made me nostalgic for my old Neo Geo pocket collection I sold a few years back! Totally hooked again so I picked up a boxed, complete anthracite NGP and a few games to get me back into the game. This is gonna get expensive, haha! Keep up the good work! 🙂

    from (sunny) North East Scotland

  9. Brandon says:

    Hey guys,
    I love the podcast! I agree Mr. Mika adds a great perspective. I love this episode about a console that I never had the chance to become familiar with. I have a small bone to pick, though. I think the NES Contras are way better than any Metal Slug game. Metal Slug definitely looks much better but Contra and Super C just control so much better. I feel like I can handle every situation in Contra with a little practice. There are areas in Metal Slug where you are going to die no matter how skilled you are. I am willing to listen to arguments to the contrary.

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