Episode 69: Guide to PS1 JRPGs (Part 2)

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This episode we continue our discussion on the best JRPGs on the PS1 and how they hold up today with Kurt Kalata of HardcoreGaming101.net and Peter Brown of Gamespot.com. Tons of games covered including Parasite Eve!

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3 Responses

  1. cddb says:

    Hi Kevin, I loved these episodes, it’s a topic near and dear to me!

    A few comments:

    #1. Breath of Fire 3 is really underrated! Some of the sprite-work is SO impressive; there are so many specific little character animations that are only used once or twice. (also…I love the OST so much)

    #2 . FF Tactics is, I think, the most playable (and re-playable) PS1 JRPG , from today’s perspective. I’ve beaten the game repeatedly, most recently last year. Play the PSP version!

    #3. Parasite Eve is absolutely a JRPG! ….but it’s far from the BEST on PS1!! 😉

  2. cddb says:

    PS VANDAL HEARTS actually holds up too IMO;
    at least check out some combat videos on youtube to watch the geysers of blood spew!

  3. king_lui says:

    I actually played Breath of Fire on my Windows XP PC. Although i neved did beat the game it was fun, and had great graphics.

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