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  1. Sean697 says:

    I think something about a lot of SOA’s music tracks seem like something an adult might enjoy with the jazzy stuff and light rock. That’s always how I felt anyway. There is something about it. While competent, it is sometimes strange. Doesn’t always fit the game. They Japanese stuff usually is thematically better a lot of times. The exception for me is Ecco the Dolphin , who’s soundtrack fits the game like a glove. I used to go to sleep with that game disc in my CD player. Good relaxing music that makes me think of exploring the deep ocean lol.

    As far as some site suggestions, I wouldn’t mind seeing some of the links to retro sites you’ve talked about on the show, like the one that fixes old console, because I can’t remember the site. And in general I don’t tend to comment too much here, probrably because your rarely comment here. A good comment section would be a place to discuss stuff talked about in the episode, but honestly I get more conversation posting on P1P forum for Bimp episodes.

    Anyway great episode.

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